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Video testimonial – Mr Marc D. – Legal practitioner, Tax expert – Paris

January, 2016



Piero S. – Marine Ingineer

November, 2020

I’m writing after 6 month since my last session at La Rochelle because I wanted to confirm the sustainability in the time of my healing. 

Yes, I say healing, even if my tinnitus has not totally disappeared, it has been reduced in such a radical way that my life has totally changed : I have regained hope, desire to live, pleasure of being myself without embarrassment at every moment. And this radical change is confirmed and even improved over time!

As it was possible for me, in 24 years of suffering, who have tried everything in my obstacle course, meeting many committed and benevolent people, but never a real result? I do not have the answer, except to testify to the reliability of the treatment (very deep diagnostic visit then 7 weeks – for me 9 thanks to two weeks in addition “offered”! – fairly intensive personalized music therapy combined with a psychotherapy pathway.

The last one aimed at understanding what in my life increases and what on the contrary (the true inner self! ) makes it unnecessary and therefore leads to reduce tinnitus. Ms. Natacha has shown a deep understanding of the very strict link between physiological and psychological factors that cause this symptom, which has been very difficult for me to endure for 24 years. Everything takes place in a climate of great empathy and fraternity, helped also by the warm and smiling welcome of Mr. Yves and by the benevolent exchanges between us during all the treatment.

Without forgetting the incredible charm of the city and the bike paths along the coast, which helps the way by filling the free time with sun, ocean, clean air and other energies of hope.

My gratitude to Ms Natacha and the entire team that made this journey of healing possible – almost unexpected in its early days – is great and sincere.

Patient who wished to remain anonymous – Project Manager

July, 2020

The noise hypersensitivity was a huge obstacle for my social, professional and family activities.

I tried other treatments and consulted an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist (ENT) always keeping hope. But it was all a failure.

After having exchanged with old noise hypersensitivity who have followed the method Oreblue, I fixed an appointment with Mrs Bonneyrat.

The most memorable thing is her listening and also that of M. Bonneyrat. Her professionalism, her knowledge about hearing, the noise hypersensitivity and the tinnitus go beyond all the specialists I already consulted.

Therefore, I followed the treatment and my thresholds came back little by little at the normal level. The progresses continued after the end of the treatment.

Today, I can accomplish my family and professional activities within any difficulties

Ms Maud – Student

June, 2020

M. and Ms Bonneyrat,

These are some words to thank you. Thank you for your support and your expertise.

Thank you Ms Bonneyrat for the treatments, your talents of Ear, Nose and Throat specialist and the total handling of the patient.

Thank you for the time you took. Thank you for consecrating your work to tinnitus and noise hypersensitivity.

Thank you M. Bonneyrat for your enthusiasm, the discussions after the hearings and the time you took !

Thank you for knowing both of the symptoms and the brain of hyperacusis.

Thank you Ms and M Bonneyrat for creating my method Oreblue and to keep this therapeutic protocol alive.

There are people we meet and who mark a life, for me you are those one. The tools of this support will guide me for a good part of my life.

I am so grateful for the long way traveled.

An immense thank you to you and  to the noise hypersensitivity which let me know you.

Monsieur Aléxis P. – Engineer

November, 2019

Further to the use of a drill for my ear, I was subjected  to a first sound trauma and during the days following I had an earache.

I had an awkwardness in everyday life and I had to cover my ears when for example there is a motorcycle, works in the street or a noisy restaurant or bar.

Therefore, I went to an ENT specialist who told me nothing could be done. I saw a second one who made me the same diagnostis. Then I looked for and found in the hospital on my town, an ENT specialist professor, specialist on hearing pains, who told me my sorrow would pass alone.

So for a year I did nothing, the condition of my ear improved slightly and I lived this way with reasonable care.

Then one day, I went to a concert. I protected my ears with earplugs, I didn’t feel any specific pain at the time but after the concert and in the days that followed, the pain became more and more intense.

Everyday life situations became more and more complicated like children who scream, and I didn’t take the risk of reading them a story without having my ear defenders.

The situation had become a real handicap, so I looked for information on the internet and found several forums that mentioned the existence of the OREBLUE method. Some testimonies were very positive and others very sceptical.

I was conscious of the need to distance myself from forums where people testify anonymously, so I decided to contact OREBLUE to get my own opinion.

As soon as I made contact and the first appointment, I understood that I had finally found people who understand and know how to treat this problem of noise-hypersensitivity (hyperacusis).

So I followed a protocol and of course I can only recommend it as I have now returned to a normal life.

To my knowledge and at the time of writing this testimony at the end of 2019, it is the only solution to treat hyperacusis that I know of.

If you have to remember just one message from this testimony, here it is: YES there is a solution to the problem of hyperacusis and make up your own mind by going to La Rochelle.

Good luck

Mademoiselle H.T. – Pianist, Composer and Performer

November, 2019

I am a pianist. In January 2019, following hearing shocks at my work, I couldn’t give any lessons without protections, neither muted piano, and the concerts that I give are unbearable for me. Tinnitus, hissing and hums compelled me to work with noise-cancelling headphones, as well as a -30dB filter cap.

Every event in my life is unbearable at this time and life in society is very difficult for me. These hyperacusis symptoms have been present for a long time, they worsened during this period and forced me to find a cure solution in order to possibly change my career path.

I was introduced to the Hearing Institute of Resources by one of my brother’s friends who did the cure in 2018.

My first meeting with Ms. Bonneyrat in Spring 2019 was decisive : her professionalisms, as well as for further improvement of my hearing and my life in general, discussed in this interview encouraged me to do this cure.

She was also the first person in the medical profession who answered my questions and offered me solutions.  For a long time, I’ve met hearing aid specialists or other medical specialists who concluded that “Nothing can be done for you, it cannot be cured”, “Hearing protections are the only means available to relieve you.

During the cure, the effectiveness of the sound treatments allow me to find sound tolerance levels again at the highest level. Ms. Bonneyrat is very attentive and very available.

In parallel with this sound cure, a follow up was made based on a precise analysis of the link between pain in events in my life.

In October 2019, at the end of the cure, I resumed my professional activities: I started giving back my classes again without any protection in the same places where I previously had my hearing shocks, and I also found the pleasure of sculpting the sound with my piano. I can also listen to music again, go to concerts and movies… In short, I’m back to a “normal” life!! what I had put aside for the past few years…

I would like to thank Ms. Natacha Chetritt-Bonneyrat for her listening, her patience and her skills in this area.

I thank Mr & Mrs Bonneyrat for their warm welcome and kindness.

A HUGE thank you to them !

Monsieur Jérome D. – PE teacher

November, 2019

As a physical education teacher, I always worked in a noisy environment. At the same time, I played music, without protection.

From 2008, lights whistles started to appear and became more pronounced over time. Around 2010, PE classes became more and more difficult for my hearing. Hyperacusis was there!

In 2013, I was paired but, as a result, the tinnitus multiplied. The volume of the prostheses were too strong and the tinnitus was very high and made my life a living hell for 5 years.

Then, after the same repetitions, the half-confession of incapacity, when it wasn’t a little «almost» our fault, I discovered the ØREBLUE® method.

I made an appointment and went to La Rochelle in spring 2019.

The rest is nothing but happiness to tell. I was received and really listened to, we analyzed everything from top to bottom and the protocol started.

At the end of the second week, I decided to remove my prostheses to never put them back again.

The sound therapy as well as the follow-up allowed me to live again normally, with nothing in my ears… aaahh the blowing wind, I had forgotten!

Alternating auditory rest and therapy, I am now cured of hyperacusis. It is a rebirth and I am very grateful to Mrs Bonneyrat and her husband.

Expertise, listening, empathy and benevolence are the words that immediately come to mind to qualify this institute.

Monsieur Olivier N.

April, 2019

In December 2016, during a concert, I suffered from a very significant sound trauma. Following it, my daily life was totally questioned. Everything was an attack to my ears:  my work, groceries shops, movies, car traffic, meals with friends… a total disappearance of silence. In addition to this hyperacusis and tinnitus, I was in a second state, exhausted.

Before finding Øreblue therapy, I tried all kinds of therapies: allopathic medicine, psychotherapy, homeopathy, Chinese medicine, acupuncture, osteopathy, magnetism, Sophro, Qi qong,. the list is long, and nothing worked, I was TOTALLY desperate!

Finally, in March 2018, I found Øreblue on the internet. During the first phone call, i realized that maybe i had THE solution to get out this hell. This was later on confirmed.

After a first 6-hour meeting in La Rochelle with Mrs Bonneyrat, where she convinced me by her listening and the breadth of her knowledge, I followed the therapy with confidence.

Today, I’m cured of hyperacusis and my tinnitus has gone down. The cranial vice and the second state disappeared completely at the end of the first session and hyperacusis disappeared completely as the sessions progressed.

At La Rochelle, I received personalized follow-up.  Indeed, Mrs Bonneyrat adapts her treatment to each patient following her personal feelings. Before each session, a hearing programme shall be developed taking into account the tolerance levels measured. Ms. Bonneyrat remained available and always listening to me throughout the journey, providing an answer to all my questions. Mr Bonneyrat, comforting and benevolent helped me very often to hold on, so much the hyperacusis was a test for me . I have not met anywhere else these supports and this unique benevolence.

If necessary I will follow the tinnitus path in the fall of 2019.

I can only say one word: THANK YOU, Mr and Mrs Bonneyrat, thanks to you I can return to my normal life.

Madame Magali C. – Professor

April, 2019

In august 2018, I realized that I developed a new pathology at the same time as tinnitus.

Days passed, and can I put a name on what happens to me: hyperacusis.

Some noises such as door snaps, metallic sounds, loud voices, the cries of children annoy me.

My tinnitus amplifies.

I suffer from headaches almost daily accompanied by dizziness.

I obviously fell into a depressed state after consulting the medical profession, which provided no solution for me.

I thought my social and professional life was over.

At the end of August, I discovered the Øreblue therapy on the internet and decided to go there very quickly.

I started therapy in early October of the same year.

I performed my sessions until March 2019

Outcome: I am cured of hyperacusis and some tinnitus have disappeared. No more headaches! The therapy also allowed “my sounds” to calm down: tinnitus excited several times a day for no reason. I have rediscovered my pleasure of life, my projects and a new life, now aware that it can be fragile.

I am deeply grateful to Mrs Bonneyrat for her presence and her skills in this field. A huge thank you!

Monsieur Gaëtan K. – jurist – Bruxelles

February, 2019

Madame Marylise A.

November, 2018

Shortly before the age of 30 I started hearing tinnitus: within a few months and with the good advice of an ENT specialist I was able to ignore it and stop worrying about it.

But 10 years later, my hearing troubles became disastrous : I became extremely sensitive to noises with very loud tinnitus. After numerous appointments with specialists and inconclusive therapy trials, my hearing problems were even more disabling. My noise-hypersensitivity became serious and painful and the tinnitus unbearable.

The slightest noise hurt my ears: plastic bags, crumpled or torn paper, a fan, air-conditioning or toilet blow, velcro and zips.

The daily noises were suffering: door slamming and squeaking, dog barking, baby crying, the voices of some people, dishes and cutlery, the hoover and hair dryer, the television, the car, the singing of the birds.

And of course it was impossible for me to stay in sound environments such as: family parties, meals with friends, shops, hairdressing salons, restaurants, railway stations, cinemas, theatres.

After more than five (5) years of ordeal ( I was forced to wear a noise-cancelling helmet and to stay indoors) I had the chance to meet Ms Natacha Bonneyrat, founder of the Oreblue protocol. During the first check-up appointment, Ms Bonneyrat took the time to seriously study my medical file like never before. She carried out all the hearing tests to evaluate my deafness, my sound tolerance and to define the frequencies of my tinnitus.

I was impressed by her professionalism and her multidisciplinary skills. Following this appointment, I decided to follow the Oreblue method in order to heal from hyperacusis.

Throughout my therapy, Ms Natacha Bonneyrat has been an unfailing support for the psychological follow-up (whether during the sessions at the institute or during the rest time at home). Her husband M. Bonneyrat has also always been attentive and present, giving me precious advice on how to move forward.

Positive changes in sound tolerance occurred gradually over the course of the therapy.

Then it took me a few months to feel at ease again in noisier atmospheres: it was a real training for the long run (as for the race you start by doing a 5 kilometres before doing a marathon).

To date (6 months after the end of the treatment) I am cured of hyperacusis.

Ordinary daily noises no longer make me suffer at all. I was delighted to return to a social life: eating in restaurants, shopping and taking part in family parties… I can once again enjoy the simple pleasures of life: opening gift packages, singing while listening to a CD, enjoying the sound of the stream during a hike, preparing a pan-cooked dish, laughing and hearing a laugh… My family and friends are amazed at my incredible rebirth, both physically and mentally.

I have started the specific protocol for tinnitus in order to make these very aggressive parasitic noises disappear.

I encourage all people suffering from hyperacusis to have full confidence in Mrs Natacha Bonneyrat. I have the deepest respect for this extraordinary woman.

Madame Anne P.

October, 2018

Four years ago, a virus (it seems) threw me, in a few hours, into a state of pain and sideration. As a result of it, a deafness in my left ear accompanied by tinnitus and increased hyperacusis over the weeks.

Deaf, permanent tinnitus and hyperacusis in a few hours!

I will not comment on the state of mental and physical confinement, on the desire  to no longer live that causes this pathology too little known, too negligated…

I will not comment either on the indifference, incompetence and lack of empathy from specialists (and especially ENT…) and to all the desperate attempts to find, alone, on the Internet (useful in this case) a solution to relieve this pain.

Minor comment: Hyperacusis and tinnitus are not in the dictionary : are we as invisible as our handicap?

I travelled throughout France, and exploited all the possibilities available to me: various and varied ENT, sophrology, anti depressant, hypnosis, EMDR, psychologist, psychiatrist, TRT…

I cannot deny that sophrology, in its stress management and TRT- Tinnitus Retraining Therapy for tinnitus have brought me some relief.

And then, by chance (a facebook forum) allowed me to get in touch with Mrs. Chetritt-Bonneyrat audioprothesist and her “Hearing Institute of Resources” in La Rochelle.

I followed, during the first semester of 2018, the sound therapy against hyperacusis developed by Mrs. Chetritt-Bonneyrat in the calm and serenity of her institute.

I felt improvement after a few weeks and resulted not only in an obvious progress of the acoustic tests but also in a better tolerance to the noises of the outside and domestic world.

It is obvious that after 4 years of strong sensibility to the sound of all kinds, it is difficult to come back to normal.  I remain cautious about the potential for significant noise pollution and do not expose myself unnecessarily.

But I live so much better!

I remain severely handicapped by my tinnitus and I intend to follow in 2019 a new session at the institute of Mrs Chetritt-Bonneyrat to overcome entirely or partially (as it is explained on the site) this second «problem».

It is wonderful, that a person through her experience as a hearing aid, has taken an interest in this painful pathology.

Thanks to her listening skills, empathy, combative energy and expertise she has developed this therapy that I hope will help, again and again, many sick people often abandoned to their sad fate.

Madame Pépita G. – Papeete Tahiti

September, 2018

For months, I have been suffering from disabling hyperacusis for which the medical profession could find neither the causes nor remedies. There is no medical response to this disease. After several research on the Internet, the only care unit that proposed a method for hyperacusis management and advanced its healing was the “Hearing Institute of Resources” in La Rochelle. This institute proposed a therapeutic protocol developed by Mrs.Natacha Chetritt-Bonneyrat, the OREBLUE protocol that led to the cure of hyperacusis.

I decided to get in touch with this institute and then follow the OREBLUE protocol proposed by Mrs Bonneyrat.

It was a good idea.

Despite all the negative prognoses of the ENT and other doctors I had consulted and who had always told me that no treatment would overcome my hyperacusis, the OREBLUE method healed me and I can say today after 4 months of protocol set up by Natacha Bonneyrat that my hyperacusis is healed.

Patient who wished to remain anonymous – Engineer

February, 2018

I have been suffering from hyperacusis for 5 years now due to a sound trauma.

After many years of medical wandering, resignation and suffering linked to hyperacusis, Mrs Bonneyrat’s treatment seemed to me to be an original alternative in order to find a solution to the many ailments caused by this condition.

At the Hearing Institute of Resources I was able to find an approach centred on the human being and listening to the patients and I would like to thank Mrs and Mr Bonneyrat for the quality of the care provided as well as for their attentive listening during the treatment and break phases.

Initially sceptical, I was able to observe positive developments in my condition which now make me consider the possibility of a long-term cure. I have found more comfort and a certain appeasement in the face of the noises in my daily life, both in my private and professional life.

I encourage people who have been suffering from this disease for months or years to try this approach in order to be able to get rid of their physical but also psychological suffering related to this disease.

Mademoiselle Laëtia A. – Unemployed person

February, 2018

I developed hyperacusis in March 2017 after being in  a bar where hearing levels were excessive. In order not to appear offensive, in order not to disturb I preferred to take on myself and protect myself with pieces of handkerchief in my ears.

The week after my exposure , I felt an intense pain in my right ear and I was dizzy when I walked down the street. Being a little sick at the time, I wasn’t worried.

It was when I couldn’t stand the noise of the television any more that I began to understand what it was all about.

It was while attending the forums in search of solutions that I discovered several months later Hearing Institute of Resources. At that moment, I wore earplugs all the time, I was struggling with depression and had tried hypnosis without success.

When I called the center, I felt like it was the first step towards healing. It was just a resistant feeling, I wasn’t sure of anything but I didn’t have anything to lose either.

The first contact reassured me. M. Bonneyrat knows how to anticipate our questions and our fears. He knows that case and it is not an unknown field. I have been informed and reassured by e-mail and telephone and my decision was quickly made. I took a train from Lyon to La Rochelle with apprehension and suffering. It had been a long time since I had made such an important decision and I already felt proud and more in control of myself.

I progressed linearly with a peak at the end of the second session. You’ll be told in the centre, there will be less good moments that precede an evolution, and while my little path was rather stable I thought I was having a relapse at the end.

Everybody is different but it is essential to begin this therapy with a maximum investment, with all our resources and our courage because without our motivation, Msr Bonneyrat can not do anything.

I was followed and supported all along to find the underlying causes of the disease. Why did my body decide to become dysfunctional in this way ?

Physics and mind are inseparable and healing takes place on these two levels, the sound therapy and the follow-up of Msr Bonneyrat. Her  experience allowed her to apprehend all types of situations with professionalism and empathy to guarantee us healing.

In the centre you can see everyone progressing, everyone has their doubts and sometimes it happened to me in the middle of a conversation to say “Ah yes! I’ve been there too”. Patients come and go out transformed. I have not been an exception.

Taking the first step and making a phone call is a good start. I have stopped using forums because they bog us down with the disease, we are the only ones who are responsible for our success. I think this is good advice.

Thank you for this new life.

Monsieur Patrick F. – Artist, painter, illustrator and teacher

September, 2017

A musician since the age of 17, I have always played my instrument, the drums, without any protection.

In 2013, I had a lot of musical activities, and around February 2014, I woke up with tinnitus that quickly was permanent and an hyperacusis set in.

Then, begins a long, complicated and painful journey. Very little or very poorly advised by the medical world, my hyperacusis worsens and my general health deteriorates rapidly (depression, insomnia, chronic fatigue…) at this time there was only the anxiolytics that kept me standing.

During the 2016-2017 school year, It became more and more difficult to teach my classes as a art teacher because this activity triggers me acouphennic crisis. April 2017 on the verge of exhaustion, I resigned because teaching became incompatible with my condition.

By chance, I had the knowledge of a tinnitus person who had been treated by Mrs.Natacha Chetritt-Bonneyrat and who had been very satisfied with the results on his tinnitus.

In the end of May, I met Mrs.Natacha Chetritt-Bonneyrat who finds me eligible for her Therapeutic protocol to treat my hyperacusis. So I started the sessions at the end of May/beginning of June.

Quickly from the end of the first session, I felt an improvement and a great relief.

Over the course of the sessions, progress pursued to be confirmed. My hyperacusis was in sharp regression between session 2 and 3 and my tinnitus was reduced by half.

At the end of session 3, my hyperacusis has completely disappeared and I relive normally without fear of exposing myself to noise, I listen to music, I drive, I tinker, always with caution of course. In short, life becomes beautiful again…

I can only recommend people who suffered from hyperacusis that the protocol of Mrs Chetritt-Bonneyrat has greatly contributed to my physical and mental recovery.

Patient who wished to remain anonymous – CEO

July, 2017

My tinnitus appeared in 2011 when I attended a Grand Prix automobile.

I was quickly taken over by the health services and consulted by renowned practitioners to curb this phenomenon.

The following months have been very painful both physically and emotionally, realizing that the inevitable was happening and that medicine, even in its greatest goodness, would never cure me.

I watched helpless, whole sections of my life collapse until Fall 2013 when, prey to the difficulties caused by the symptoms of insurmountable tinnitus, I had to give up my duties as a CEO.

After my first meeting with Mrs Chetritt Bonneyrat, and given the exemplary nature of her work and her perfect control of hearing disorders, I took the initiative to follow her therapeutic protocol.

Today, Monday July 10, 2017, I want and can testify that thanks to the effectiveness of Mrs Chetritt-Bonneyrat’s therapy, my tinnitus has totally disappeared and in all circumstances, it is a Victory!

The significant benefits had already been felt for a few weeks, which had allowed me to reconnect with professional affairs in total serenity and even before the end of the protocol.

The rigor and seriousness with which she “operates” and her commitment are all guarantees of success, as are her high tech processing devices.

I offer my gratitude to Mrs Chetritt-Bonneyrat and my deep respect.

Monsieur René A. – Retiree

June, 2017

“It is incredible to hear the sound of rain falling without any other noise”.

As soon as I woke up I had engine noises in my head. I was sad and desperate, even with dark thoughts. I couldn’t stand those noises any more.

Since I have been treated by Mrs Natacha CHETRITT-BONNEYRAT everything is better, I regain a taste for life and my surroundings too, I find calm in my head.

I encourage all tinnitus sufferers like me to consult her.

Madame Nadine L. – Artist Painter

May, 2016

I have suffered from hyperacusis since July 2012 and my daily life has been disrupted.

Little by little, abandoning my lifestyle to escape the noise : limited outings, no more family parties, friends meetings, collective activities…

My husband and I had to move, leaving town for the countryside.

To heal, I tried a TRT (Tinnitus Retraining Therapy) in Bordeaux in 2015. This noise generating therapy did not allow me to eventually give up my ear plug or my Peltor headset. In the last days of this TRT, in December 2015, I tried to go out without hearing protection as recommended but it worsened my condition.

In January 2016, I sank into a very severe and painful hyperacusis, my tinnitus becoming intolerable.

I’m in a deep despair. Every noise is unbearable to me and causes me pain: zip fastener, rain hitting the windows, pages that we turn, opening and closing doors. I only watch television on silent mode and no longer turn on the radio.

I anticipate my actions to avoid noise accidents. I wear my moulded ear plugs permanently at home and always have my Peltor handset close to me.

I no longer go out in the backyard, the noise of the road belows, birds, chainsaws or even hunters’ shots freeze me with fear.

On April 5, 2016, I had my first meeting with Mrs. Natacha Chetritt-Bonneyrat. She measured my discomfort level and my tinnitus.

She explained to me the link between tinnitus and hyperacusis and made me start her therapy the same day. Very quickly the next day, and the day after, they finally became bearable and I can forget them again!

On the fifth and sixth day, I dropped my headset.

On the 10th and 11th day, my hyperacusis dropped and I abandoned my silicone moulded plugs.

On the 21st of April 2016, I made the trip back to Cherbourg without plugs or headset, I feel saved!

Now, I can live my daily life without hearing protection. I drive, go out, go shoppin and can receive family and friends.

This rebirth greatly relieved my loved ones, my husband especially, who had suffered a lot from my condition.  I can second him again, joy has returned in our lives and we can have common projects again.

Mrs Natacha Chetritt-Bonneyrat, with her therapy pulled me out of Hell !Thanks to her, I live again!

Monsieur René A. – Retiree

March, 2016

I have hyperacusis and tinnitus certainly since everyday which were amplified with age, my life became a hell.

I could not take any transport (car, plane, boat) . All the noises were hurting me.

I could no longer go to places where there was noise. I thought I was going crazy.

Since I have been treated by Mrs Natacha CHETRITT-BONNEYRAT, my hyperacusis is over and my head has regained a real calm, I don’t keep noises any more.

I am looking forward to the sessions to cure my tinnitus.

Monsieur Olivier R. – Sales Executive – Plérin

March, 2016

After completing the three prescribed sessions by Mrs Natacha Chetritt-Bonneyrat for the treatment of Noise Sensitivity and Following on from these sessions, I can officially say that been completely cured and I can now resume a normal life with no hearing impediment.

I strongly recommend the people suffering from Noise Sensitivity should meet her to eradicate for good this lesser known but highly debilitating, daily pain.

Mr Jean-Luc D. – Driving School Monitor & Volunteer Fireman – Saint Savinien

January, 2016

I suffered for almost two years from very acute tinnitus and painful hyperacusis.

I consulted several specialists who were unable to help me.

I took anti-depressants and sleeping tablets to get through this unmanageable ailment and to be able to sleep at night.

Starting at the end of September, I followed the treatment protocol set out by Mrs. Natacha Chetritt-Bonneyrat. After about four months of treatment, I am living normally again. I no longer take anti-depressants or hypnotics.

I can sleep at night again, my hyperacusis has disappeared and my tinnitus has reduced in intensity and is today manageable.

It is as if I have been born again and returned to a normal life – which I did not have for over a year and a half.

This treatment is a true solution for all those who suffer from this ailment – which was untreatable until now.

Mr Marc D. – Legal practitioner, Tax expert – Paris

January, 2016

In 2007, I was stricken with hyperacusis following sustained exposure to high sound volume (bar with loud music).

Over the past eight years, I have consulted various physicians whose recommendations only reduced the suffering produced the hyperacusis (cortisone, vasodilators), without treating the underlying cause.

During these eight years, I had to wear earplugs on a near-permanent basis to block out external sounds (cars, shops …) and even inside noise (dish washers, door bells, etc.) to prevent pain.

In June 2015, I met Mrs. Chetritt-Bonneyrat who, in additions to demonstrating great sympathy, displayed a wide theoretical and empirical knowledge of hyperacusis.

After six months of treatment, I can confirm that my painful hypersensitivity to ambient noises has disappeared. I have no more pain. I can do my shopping in shops and walk down the road without having to wear earplugs.

It is a true liberation! Like a second birth!

I am infinitely grateful to Mrs. Natacha Chetritt-Bonneyrat for the quality of her care and her attentive presence throughout the treatment.

Mrs. Raphaële F. – School teacher – Nantille

January, 2016

I am a teacher in a school with over a hundred pupils. I started developing tinnitus then, gradually, an increasingly severe hyperacusis that forced me to go on sick leave.

I met Mrs. Natacha Chetritt-Bonneyrat who offered me a cure for hyperacusis, and which I accepted and started at the end of August 2014.

Thanks to this treatment I was able against all odds to start the school year in September 2014. Today, I am still at work in nursery school.

My hyperacusis is a thing of the past. I no longer suffer from this ailment.

Mr Thierry I. – Salesman – Bois

December, 2015

It was in 2004 that my tinnitus emerged at a “tolerable” level and lasted a number of years.

After I changed jobs in 2013 (working on internal combustion trucks), my tinnitus developed, in just one and a half months of work, into a hypersensitivity to noises called “hyperacusis”.

For a number of months, this was a daily living hell. I could not tolerate the slightest noise from the dishwasher, the beep of the microwave, running water, a cry of joy from my son …

This suffering from sound that is invisible to others is simply unbearable on a daily basis.

I consulted an ENT, an acupuncturist and an osteopath: no improvement

After a number of discussions, I went to Mrs. Natacha Chetritt-Bonneyrat.

After two meetings, a solution was suggested in July 2013. In just a few days I felt great relief, an internal peace that I felt as if I had been “born again”.

Several sessions were necessary (two hours each, but never mind the time, it is the result that counts).

Without this solution I can’t imagine what my life would be like today!

I recommend this alternative for all those who suffer from sound.

Mr Fabrice T. – agricultural worker – Saintes

December, 2015

In June 2013, I helped out at a rock music concert.

Disruptions in hearing came on very quickly – namely tinnitus and in particular a severe intolerance to sound, also called hyperacusis. My daily and social life became difficult.

Fortunately, two months later, I started my “treatment” with Mrs. Natacha Chetritt-Bonneyrat and, in just a few months, my life went back to being “normal”. Of course, I remain cautious with high volume sound, especially in the context of my agricultural work, but my hyperacusis is cured.

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