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I am pleased to announce my publication for the Journal Hearing of Science on the evaluation of the Øreblue® method in the treatment of tinnitus and hyperacusis.

This scientific and medical publication is the result of my twenty years of research and devotion to patients suffering from these hearing disorders.

Discover the original publication in the Journal of Hearing Science



As part of its expansion, Mayfair Developments reveals the new visual identity of the ØREBLUE® method.



Since 2011, Mayfair Developments SAS has given itself a mission to treat patients suffering from tinnitus and noise hypersensitivity.

On the strength of the excellent results obtained with the method Oreblue®, Mayfair Development SAS initiates the medical project Nømad Treat®.

Our purpose, to develop a  travelling medical device including the method Oreblue® for the caring at home for patients suffering from tinnitus and noise hypersensitivity.

The progress of the research phases and the technological and medical developments presage the availability of Nømad Treat® on the horizon 2023.



Professor Gérhard Hesse, ENT doctor in Germany and Tinnitus specialist, alerted on the white noise for hearing.

The white noise stimulus would be ineffective in fighting  Tinnitus  and might, even at low intensity, damage the auditory system.

These comments corroborate patients complaining of an increase in their symptoms of tinnitus or hyperacusis after the use of white noise generators.

I have myself enumerated, in the course of numerous anamnesis conducted with my patients, similar facts to those evoked by Professor Hesser that I have privileged, among other clinical and acoustic virtues, using a music base to develop my therapeutic protocol : ØREBLUE®

Extract from the French show Xénius « « Quand le bruit rend malade » broadcast by Arte on June 16, 2020.

She has the ear of those who suffer


As part of the Research and Development & Medical Innovation project for the treatment device dedicated to the ØREBLUE® method, the Nouvelle Aquitaine region is helping to fund the development of a miniaturized and mobile version of the medical device used in the care of patients suffering from tinnitus and hyperacusis.

The Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region acknowledges the achievements of the Mayfair Developments company owned by Natacha Chetritt-Bonneyrat and stands by its side.

Interview with Natacha Chetritt-Bonneyart requested by the Sud-Ouest regional newspaper. Interview by Mr Alain Babaud for the Sud-Ouest regional newspaper.

French winner of the 2019 Audiologist Of The Year Competition


As Stefan Zimmer, secretary general of EHIMA (European Hearing Instrument Manufactures Association) and member of the panel, explains: “It’s always tough to pick out a winner from all the detailed and moving testimonials we receive. What we are mainly looking for are professionals who surpass themselves and go beyond what is simply expected in their field. And Natacha embodied this dedication to perfection.”

Paula Brinson-Pyke, Marketing Director of RAYOVAC®, enthuses: “In partnership with our sponsors, we are delighted to announce the French winner of the Audiologist of the Year competition: Natacha Chetritt-Bonneyrat.

As every year, we were inundated with applications, which speaks volumes about the quality of the care provided.”

“Aternative Bien être” published the testimony of a healed patient


The “Alternatif Bien-être” magazine devoted a full page to a testimonial from Mr Karkkonen on how he was cured.

Curing hyperacusis using the ØREBLUE® method.

Natacha Chetritt-Bonneyrat Interview


Interview of Natacha Chetritt-Bonneyrat following the “CE Medical” certification according to the”93/42/EEC Medical Devices” European Directive on medical devices for the one dedicated to the ØREBLUE® method in the treatment of tinnitus and hyperacusis.


Registration of French Medical Authorities


Receipt of declaration of registration to the ANSM of the medical device dedicated to the ØREBLUE® method for the treatment of patients suffering from tinnitus and hyperacusis symptoms.

The initial request was made on 29 March 2019 to the relevant departments.

Press Release Mayfair Developments


The ØREBLUE® method is a personalized sound therapy developed by Natacha Chetritt-Bonneyrat, a qualified audioprosthetist. This method makes it possible, following a highly specific protocol, to completely and permanently eliminate symptoms of hyperacusis and to significantly reduce or even eradicate the symptoms of tinnitus, rather than artificially blocking them out. The excellent results of this therapy have led to the obtention of CE Medical Class IIa certification for the device associated with this method.


Retrospective study of the ØREBLUE Method


Abstract of the retrospective clinical study published on 21 March 2019 by Dr Gabrielle CREMER.

Study demonstrating the performance and safety of the device in the treatment of hyperacusis and tinnitus.

Enjoy a 360° Sound Experience


Live a 360 ° sound experience with the new Oticon Opn S ™ hearing aid.

With the new technology of Oticon Opn S ™, open up to the world.

An elegant rechargeable hearing solution connected to new technologies.

CE Medical Certication for a Device to Treat Hyperacusis and Tinnitus


Since March 22, 2019, the treatment device dedicated to the ØREBLUE® method is the first “CE medical class IIa” certified device in Europe for the care of people suffering from hyperacusis and tinnitus.

This device is registered with the A.N.S.M (French agency or the Safety of Health Products).

Medical certification ISO 13485 version 2016 awarded to HEARING INSTITUTE OF RESOURCES


I am proud to be the first and only French audioprosthetist recognized at this level of medical professional requirements.

The main focus during the development of the institute was to ensure that our patients were given optimum medical safety for the therapeutic treatment protocol ØREBLUE® and its application (results, protections, traceability, safety , confidentiality …)


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