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How the Øreblue method works

Assessment prior to the ØREBLUE®  therapeutic method

The first phase consists of a thorough assessment which allows a patient’s symptoms to be evaluated and to determine if the ØREBLUE procedure is required.

It is particularly performed on all authorised hearing tests and on the analysis of the “personal medical questionnaire” provided by the person concerned.

It is highly pertinent, with regards to this, to be able to correlate the date of the onset of the symptom(s) with subsequent events in the patient’s life, which could highlight the nature of the stress catalyst.

Also,  after we have ensured that all the rigorous medical investigations have not made it possible to highlight treated factors or pathologies explaining the occurrence of the symptom, we can commit to act.

All of our consultations are provided within our institute in La Rochelle by Mrs.Natacha Chetritt-Bonneyrat state-certified audiologist, elected by a jury of professionals, Best French audiologist of the year 2019.

The unique ØREBLUE® method does not incorporate any drug phase into its own protocol. (Of course, any subject who is otherwise on drug treatment should not opt out).

The ØREBLUE® Therapy

The ØREBLUE® method is a personalized sound therapy designed to restore cortical organization.

The objective is to reduce the hyperactivity reactions of the nervous systems (autonomous and limbic) in the context of tinnitus, and to allow to increase the sound dynamics by increasing the plasticity of the subconscious neural networks stimulated in the context of hyperacusis.

It is observed that the symptoms of tinnitus and hyperacusis generate in the subject states of global hypervigilance that converge towards an aversive reflex, similar to the reflex triggered as a result of any threat to well-being.

We may think that the brain is, in such a case, trying to filter or subtract the subject from the sound stimulus qualified as intrusive.

Therefore, unlike therapies using noise generators, the ØREBLUE® method relies on the use of music. One of the major benefits expected is to induce in the patient a state of high receptivity promoting a better acceptability of the treatment.

This audible support is modified thanks to our software whose specially developed algorithms apply acoustic filters specific to the patient’s medical and emotional hearing pattern, making each therapeutic programming accurate and fully personalized.

The ØREBLUE® method was developed thanks to several medical and acoustic data analyzed and the development by a French engineering company of an innovative digital device for sound signal processing.

The ØREBLUE® method now makes it possible to permanently eliminate the symptoms of hyperacusis and significantly reduce or even eradicate those of tinnitus, rather than artificially mask them.

Organization of the sessions

The ØREBLUE® therapeutic protocol consists of the 3 following work sessions:

The first treatment period includes 30 re-adaptation hours, split into two-hour sessions, five times a week (Monday to Friday), which represent three consecutive weeks.

An interval of 4-6 weeks is then necessary before starting the second period of 20 hours, spread out as before, followed again by a break of 4-6 weeks

The third and final treatment period of 20 hours allows the therapy to be consolidated (assuming that the patient has respected an appropriate noise regime.), which represents two consecutive weeks.

These are 7 weeks of work over a period of 4 to 5 months.

The specificity of our therapeutic protocol and what makes it successful necessarily implies the presence of the subject within our institute in La Rochelle.

Sticking strictly to the ØREBLUE® procedure guarantees the best results.

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