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How the Øreblue method works

The first phase consists of a thorough assessment which allows a patient’s symptoms to be evaluated and to determine if the ØREBLUE procedure is required.


Added to that, after being certain that the entirety of the rigorous, medical examinations have underlined factors or pathological traits which explain the occurrence of the symptom, we can commit to treatment.


It is highly pertinent, with regards to this, to be able to correlate the date of the onset of the symptom(s) with subsequent events in the patient’s life, which could highlight the nature of the stress catalyst.


A functional hearing re-adaptation program, specifically adapted to the person, is then put in place along with three scheduled working periods.


Due to the specific procedures, the re-adaptation sessions take place solely in the consulting room.


The first treatment period includes 30 re-adaptation hours, split into two-hour sessions, five times a week.


An interval of 4-6 weeks is then necessary before starting the second period of 20 hours, spread out as before, followed again by a break of 4-6 weeks.


The third and final treatment period of 20 hours allows the therapy to be consolidated (assuming that the patient has respected an appropriate noise regime.)


Sticking strictly to the ØREBLUE procedure guarantees the best results.


In this way, the ØREBLUE method is based on a personalised sensorial stimulation of the ear by which the corrective effects stimulate the central, cognitive, auditory system.


This procedure is undertaken with the help of a fully trademarked and conformant, unique hearing aid which transmits sound by the intermediary of a headset.


This auditory therapy aims to erase the inhibiting mechanisms established by the brain and thereby allowing the disabling, all-encompassing symptom(s) to be eradicated.


Remember that during treatment, the patient is accompanied by a multi-disciplinary team, ensuring complete and correct administration of the treatment.


Whatsmore, ØREBLUE’s unique, world-leading methodology includes no medical intervention. (It is of course understood that a patient should not conceal any other medical treatment.)

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