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Originally from Nantes, Natacha Chetritt-Bonneyrat began her higher education studies at the Edouard Herriot Hospital in Lyon where she did a university degree in audiophonology and functional research. Due to her brilliant results and abilities, she was accepted to study specialist fields normally reserved for qualified professionals or more experienced students. She worked alongside Professors Morgon, Dubreuil and Troy and also in particular with Professor Lionel Collet, currently a governmental advisor on questions of health.

It was within this hospital’s Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) department, as an intern to Professor Collet, facing patients’ helplessness suffering from tinnitus, when the desire to dedicate her professional career became evident.

Following that, Natacha studied within the faculty of Medicine at Montpellier where she validated her knowledge and accomplishments by obtaining a degree as an audio-prosthetist.

Natacha returned to Brittany and settled in Quimper in 1996 to continue her career and her vocation in audio-prosthetis as a non-affiliated, independent consultant. This gave her the freedom to accomplish, in parallel, further research in understanding the workings of tinnitus.

With continued persistance, Natacha would participate in March 2001 in the first training course given in France by Professor Pawel J. Jastrebooff, teaching his TRT® (Tinnitus Retraining Therapy) method.

During this period, her personal affinities and commitment, also lead her to found, in collaboration with the medical body, AFDA, the Finistèrien Association for Hearing Deficient Children.  The first organisation of its kind, at the heart of the Finistère region, to allow support to be given which hard-of-hearing children needed, notably by establishing facilities to welcome and accompany them in their studies from infant school through to higher education.

In 2004, this attachment to working with children, motivated Natacha to acquire a well known practice in Paris specialising in hearing aids for children. She continued to work relentlessly, collaborating with the biggest hospitals in the Capital such as the Armand Trousseau Hospital, the Robert Debré Hospital, the Necker Hospital and the Arthur Vernes Clinic to name a few, taking charge of hearing aids for children and particularly new-borns.

In 2009, Natacha Chetritt-Bonneyrat decided it was necessary to dedicate more time to her research. In order to do this she sold her practice of notable recognition and established herself in a provincial town where she hoped the workload would be less and time for reflection greater.

This decision made a positive impact on her future !

After 21 years of tireless research, Natacha CHETRITT-BONNEYRAT has now devised a technique which allows for the definitive suppression of noise hyper-sensitivity in 100% of cases and which has resulted in very high rates of satisfaction of patients with tinnitus symptoms.

62% of tinnitus sufferers are in total remission.

31% of the following cases have expressed a considerable reduction of 75 – 90% in the intensity and duration of symptoms.

Only 7% of cases improved by less than 50%.

Since September 2017, Mrs Natacha Bonneyrat obtained for the company “Mayfair Developments” in La Rochelle the certification ISO 13485:2016

She is at this time the first and the only french audioprosthesist recognised at this level of professional requirements.

Our treatment device dedicated to the method ØREBLUE for the care of people suffering from hyper-sensitivity and tinnitus has been certified as a “class IIa” CE medical device (dated 22 March 2019 No. CE 667381 by the BSI organisation, in accordance with the European regulations on medical devices – Directive CE 93/42/EEC Medical Devices).

It is the first device in Europe being certified CE medical “class IIa” ensuring a significant clinical benefit for the care provided to patients suffering from hyper-sensitivity and tinnitus.

The medical CE marking confirms the fact that our device :

-ensures a verified clinical benefit for each patient in the treatment of hyper-sensitivity and tinnitus

-fully meets the highest safety and performance requirements imposed on health equipment

This long and formalistic procedure was carried out by an independent certifying body and, after 17 months of technical tests and medical checks, resulted in this certification officially registered with the ANSM (Agence Nationale de Sécurité du Médicament et des Produits de Santé – National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products).

ISO 13485 certification is an internationally recognised standard that sets out the requirements for a quality management system offered to the medical device industry. 

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